Senior Images | Woonsocket, RI

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Your senior portraits are the most important set of images you’ll ever have taken. You should never have to settle for photos that are just “good enough”, especially when you can choose the creativity and craftsmanship you find at Images by Bob DiCaprio in Woonsocket. At Images by Bob DiCaprio, the bottom line for your portraits is simple:

You want to look great, have fun and feel comfortable during your session.
But, don’t listen to us, listen to what other seniors have to say:

“My session was fun! I raved about the great time I had for weeks! The poses were comfortable & natural, and the photographers made it an awesome time.”

“It was actually far more enjoyable than I thought it would be, as I am not usually fond of having my picture taken.  The staff was very friendly and was a big part of making the process more enjoyable.”

“Don’t think you are going to hate it.  You almost certainly won’t.”

“Very professional and took the time to take the poses that worked for me and my mother!

“I really liked how each picture is completely unique, even within the same session.  Each photo showed something different.”

“I had a lot of fun, and the photographer was very friendly.  It wasn’t rushed, and I loved every single one of my pictures.”

“I would say to book early and plan what you will wear far in advance.”

“I thought the scenery in the outdoors and the backgrounds were perfect for the photos.  Also, I liked how we could change outfits.”

“My pictures really showed me as a person.  My smile was exactly how I smile everyday and my glowing blue eyes.”

“It was fun and I enjoyed being there. I would tell upcoming seniors to bring a change of clothes and just be yourself, just have fun!”

“I recommend this place to anyone who wants amazing pictures and service”

“I went to Images because I was unhappy with the pictures from my school photographer. The variety at Images was what interested me, and it was so much fun!”

“My session was a lot more fun and relaxing than I thought! The staff was very friendly. I liked all the different props and poses, and how each photo was different.”

“I liked the personal attention, the unique ideas, the sweet studio, and the fun experience.”

“This photography is much more varied, colorful and fun, and it’s different in a good way.”

“AMAZING!!! I had a wonderful time. It was exactly how I would have wanted my senior portrait session to go. Everything was perfect. Every background, every pose, every prop was flawless.”

Senior Images | Woonsocket, RI